Construction Industry Apprenticeships

What we do

As our name suggests, we are a training company.

However, we do not necessarily do the training ourselves, but instead run programmes to effectively get people trained and into sustainable work. Our programmes include waged site placements, with us as the employer as well as all the support required for them to get qualified and get a job.

Joe Brennan Training (JBT) placed their very first apprentices, Tom, Sean and Steve on 27th August 2013; all three qualified and went into employment.

Based on our record and recommendation we have gone on to run many successful programmes across London and beyond on behalf of our clients.

Whilst we started with construction, where there is a huge skills gap, clients ask us to use the same training model in other industries.

We carefully consider all proposals, especially where it helps groups, such as ex-offenders, people with disabilities, mental health conditions, ex-military and so on.

Please have a look at our basic model as shown under construction – programme.