Construction Industry Apprenticeships


The JBT Construction Programme is based on Joe’s years of managing construction-training programmes.

Joe took all the elements of best practice from those programmes and now, without the constraints of being salaried, he added in some new initiatives. The main new initiatives are:-

  1. The apprentice comes first. Our targets are not, how many placements are made but, how many get qualified and more importantly go into employment. To date 80% + complete the programme, qualify and go into employment.
  2. Directly employ the apprentice, thereby removing the human resource functions and payroll administration burden from the client or their sub-contractors. By doing this we can also ensure that the apprentices are paid the correct amount and on time.
  3. Apprentice Mobility. Often programmes, due to their parochial nature, e.g. apprentices must be borough residents, meant that apprentices who had not completed their qualification when the site work completed, fell off the edge and were back to square one again. Our scheme endeavours to move the apprentice on to another programme until, they have completed their on-site qualification period. Apprentice mobility also reflects the industry’s way of working, i.e. moving from site to site.
  4. Start Early / Finish Late. We advise and guide interested people from before diploma/ technical studies, right up to their ultimate qualification and employment, and further if former apprentices still require support.