Construction Industry Apprenticeships


Nathan Brown – Plumber

“I would like to take this time to thank Joe and all the staff at JBT for the opportunity to be employed as an apprentice plumber. The support that I received has allowed me to grow in confidence, and experience an active working environment which has been so helpful to me.  During my time I have gained a qualification that has opened up many doors that may have not been there if it wasn’t for you guys at JBT and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.

I have been very lucky to be one of the young people given the chance to work with JBT. My experience, especially when I first started, was a daunting one but the supportive talks and check-ins from the staff kept me going and gave me full understanding of life skills. It was just like having a family member looking out for me.

I do hope to keep close ties with JBT and really hope that they continue to help others like they helped me.”


Lee Cara – Bricklayer

“My journey with Joe has been more than helpful from day one in all areas that I’ve needed him. From general advice to helping me with issues on site.

All the other people I’ve encountered, like Denise and Dave Tabernacle from Four Counties Training have helped so much, from the NVQ side of things, to the diploma I’m taking.”


Interview with Desmond Towner – Bricklayer