Construction Industry Apprenticeships


John Bryson – Employment & Enterprise Manager – East Thames

“Joe is one of the most experienced and effective managers in the UK in the field of employment and training for the construction industry. He has worked in the construction industry in many roles for more than 25 years and wastes none of that valuable experience in the delivery of his work.

He has developed new ways to maxmise opportunities from S106 agreements and expanded CTI consistently over the years. His integrity and knowledge are second to none.

John managed Joe at Notting Hill Housing Trust”

John Lynch- Business Owner – Construction & Property Recruitment Specialist – Redbond UK

“I have had the pleasure of working with Joe since the start of his working life and throughout his career. So have known him in both a personal and professional capacity. 

Joe is a delight to know and work with. He has a terrific sense of humour and a strong work ethic. He is extremely easy to get along with and is an excellent communicator at all levels.

Joe has always shown a passion for training and a genuine interest in the trainees under his charge. He has the ability to turn work into a lot of fun, while maintaining solid communication and commitment between project teams and still finding time for a quick beer. 

In short Joe is a professional and a pleasure to know and work with.”